Baby Monitor 3G App Reviews

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Grand fan ! Super application



Time when you are stressing on classic babyphone batteries and wall thickness for signal is over! Great tool to be relax while having diner with you friends. Video is a nice too not to run to the babys room at each strange noise...

Great app

We have been using this app for a few years now and its very practical. Sometimes it disconnects for no apparent reason but otherwise great!

Really useful

I use it with my old iPhone 4 in the babys room and works pretty well!

Does NOT work in large hotels with wifi!!!

Weve been on vacation with our kids in a quite large hotel with free wifi all over the place. After we had set up the app between two phones, we tried to leave the hotel room. But we could not even reach te elevators, because the app does not work with an wifi repeater network (multiple wifi stations) Because when you exit one station, the app can NOT reconnect to the child station when you are conected to the next wifi station. This makes this quite expensive app not usable for us.

Muito bom! (Very good!)

Uso o dia inteiro pra monitor minha filha. I use all the time to monitor my child.


Works perfectly, inside the house (wifi) and even when we are outside (3g/4g). Easy to use. Worth every penny!


Alles was man als Eltern braucht! All what you need as parents!

Love it

Has everything WE need. Better than a baby phone and much cheaper!

Better than a babyphone

We bought a fancy top rated babyphone with video, temperature and night vision - however due to thick walls it did not have reception in our living room and kitchen. So we returned that 200 Euro piece of equipment. Instead, with this fantastic app we have reception everywhere through wlan and 4G in the garden. Perfect!!! as the Ipad does not have night vision, so I just leave a little night light on, so we can see the baby well. Big thank you to the developers!


It completely replaces an expensive baby monitor. It works flawlessly and was just what we needed. Great job!


Finally a baby monitor that just works. No hassle. We purchased this to use it in a hotel where the WIFI was unreliable, so 3G was the only option. Allowed us to grab a drink in the lobby with peace of mind.

Not impressed!

I was hesitant to buy this app in the first place but gave it a try after reading some positive reviews. But was disappointed when I tried to set it up and it would not work! Just kept shutting down and when i am able to open it and will not connect to another iPhone

Great App!

This app is great! I love it for taking with me to random places! The only suggestion I would make is it would be great to be able to work even when my phone goes out of range and the receiving end only goes into 3G.


I love this app .just in $4 I hav the best monitor

Crashes iPhone audio in ios7.

To developers. When using the app for iPhone in iOS 7. The app causes a critical failure of the Audio system in iPhone 5 running iOS 7. The only way to get sound back is to restart/reboot the phone. This error causes the audio to cease in iTunes, Keyboard "clicks", movies, games and phone system as you cannot make or receive calls. Basically all audio will not function after launching this app. Please fix.

A great app

One of the few I have found that doesnt need wifi to monitor. Great for camping or working outdoors. Definitely recommend

Great app!

Actually use this app to monitor my puppy at home and its great! Giving 4 star though because would like to have live video feed if on any wifi not just if on same wifi network


Does exactly what it promises. A step forward in parenting tech!

My worst purchase on App Store ever

It is very simple; it SUMPLY does NOT work! I really wanted it to work and got it out of desperation, but it kept giving me the massage that cannot connect to the server. The worst part was that I had to pay for it twice since I wanted to use it on two iPhones (which is the requirement for the basic setup). Such a waste of money and time!

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