Baby Monitor 3G App Reviews

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Very helpful

Been a great easy to use monitor in a pinch, some freezing if left on over night but works just fine if restarted

Great app

Update: still loving it after 2 years! --- I would not replace my home monitor with the app but for occasional use in temporary setups its perfect.

Day vs. Night

Works amazing during the day. I love the alerts. Only negative thing is that at night when its most needed you cant see the baby. The white light from the phone doesnt help enough even when less than a foot from the crib.

New features adds to an already polished app

Six stars. Having added the multi-parent simultaneous monitoring, this app just went from excellent to superb. Plus I recently discovered and started using the visual log feature. Its amazing to play back the entire nights sleep, and wakings, in a few seconds. And to be able to listen to those wakings. The variable illumination for the videos works well. There is no serious competitor to this baby monitor app. Good work, developers.

One star, IF THAT...

This app is terrible. Numerous times over the past week, we have been awakened during the night--not by the baby, but by the freakin app!!! An alarm goes off and the it displays a message about not being able to connect to the Baby Monitors server. Weve done our updates, tried different devices, etc. nothing helps--its the app, not our equipment. This app is CRAP.

Excellent for traveling with new family

Got this app when we were in a bind while traveling - our audio baby monitor couldnt extend from hotel room to the restaurant down on the first floor while baby was sleeping (our room was on the 3rd floor, food on he 1st). My wife and I purchased this app (yes, you need to purchase it 2x - one for each phone), synced our phones (super easy process) and bam its working! We used it for the audio only, but it was nice to be able to use video. Doesnt drain as much battery as I thought it would. We have a sleep machine for white noise that we had to turn down, otherwise it really eats through battery since its constantly feeding audio to the parent unit iPhone. The idea is: if the room is silent (or at least mostly silent), the app doesnt detect noise and wont use as much battery. Regardless, its quite reliable either way, which is what counts. You can even turn the light for the other phone on and off, and dim the light for video. Its quite an intuitive app. For a simple, long-range baby monitor solution, its amazing! Also nice that it vibrates your phone when it detects sound - so you can just let the vibration notify you rather than constantly listening to the monitor. The microphone sensitivity is very nice too.

Minimalists unite! (And travelers)

Great. Use it.

Love this app

This app is terrific! I can monitor my toddler while she sleeps.

Makes watching baby easy!

Love this ap!

Awesome App!

Such a great value. We use this app all the time. Love the constant improvements.

Great app, just missing one feature

Love the app, and the activity log! Just wish it calculated total minutes slept and total minutes awake in each session.

Constant crashing

I updated the app last night and every time I try and be the parent station on my phone is crashes the app.

iPhone monitor

Using an old iPhone as a monitor! For baby or elderly! Works fabulous!


Works great. We use it everyday at home and while we travel.

Terrific app, great developers

The new version works perfectly, with new features that add to an already terrific app, with developers that actually listen to their customers. Thank you!

Great app

Weve used Baby Monitor 3G for years and recommend it to friends.

Best app ever

Best baby monitor on the market. Reliable. Lifesaving

Great app

Saved me a ton of money on a video monitor and I also can use it to watch my dog when we are not home.

Love it

Love being able to use apple devices for our baby monitor. Better than having to buy more devices. Plus, u get the capability of video and talking to your baby via the monitor.

Great in a pinch

I bought this because we forgot our wireless monitor at home. It was a matter of seconds to setup with my phone and a tablet for a night of peace of mind, monitoring our baby.

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