Baby Monitor 3G App Reviews

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Very reliable!

Works just as advertised. Wish theyd make security-cam apps as well.

Works great exactly as advertised

We are so confident in this system that we go to a local resto for dinner that is 5 minutes away. As long as you have cellular or wifi it works great.

Great App

This is a great app that I used to monitor my twins on a daily basis. We have a $350 monitor and I use this one more. Also very convenient when we go to someone elses home.

Love this app!

Easy to use, clear picture and audio, its great!

Must be running!

The app cannot be running in the background, so uses tha battery allways. Also it is TWICE $3,99 so $7,98 because you have to download it on each device... I wanted to use for my aging mother, but if she uses the iPad it shuts the App.

Clean simple and effective

Its the only monitor we use at home or elsewhere. Very well thought out and incredibly convenient.


This app tells you how much battery is left on the baby monitor (your other apple device), lets you talk to your baby while still seeing her video, tells you whenever audio is not being received or live video is disrupted. Havent tried it on 3g, but otherwise its great over wifi.

Love It

This app saves you a bunch by not having to buy a whole system. Works great and is easy to set up. The best part is it works with 3G! So when we leave our girls at their grandmas, we can checking how well our littlest one ... Which helps to easy our minds a bit.

Great app

Ive been using this app for years and love it. So much better than buying an expensive baby monitor. Ive tried other baby monitor apps and this one is by far my favourite.

Totally awesome!!

Best app ever made!!! Guaranteed!!!!!

Baby phone

Super application, très utile

Excellent app

Having tried a lot of these, this app was by far the most reliable

Excellent product

It is very sensitive and convenient


Works as it should. Cant have background sound on parent phone though

waste of money

app not working on my apple watch

Love it

No issues. Use from phone to iPhone and iPhone to iPad. I Iike the features and its reliable.

Great product

Extremely great.

Great monitor!

I have been using this app for years and it has been flawless! Love all the features and ease of use. You wont regret this purchase!

Excellent app

The app by itself is really good.. The fact that they integrate the app watch and Apple TV so fast and so good shows how they are committed to the app and the project!!


Love it! But just know if there is low or no light you wont see any video. Simple and easy to set up and use. I do wish there was an option to view on my PC though.

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